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Our Mission

Art, Flight, Engineering. These are the key words of the mission of Vittorazi Motors. The company, which is aware of how important new technologies are, has developed a method specific of the aeronautical field. By following this model, even the smallest productive detail is constantly monitored by strict rules that ensure the absolute quality of the product by making it reliable and efficient. This result can be accomplished thanks to many factors:

•        The company collaborates with highly experienced aeronautical engineers and uses the most advanced technologies of 3D CAD for the designing and structural simulations.

•        Most of the components are made in machined steel with aeronautical alloys to minimize the risks of imperfection of the material, and they are processed by CNC high precision machinery.

•        The components are made by specialized motor companies, all purely Italian.

•        The assembly methods follow specific standards: the assembly is performed by qualified personnel, the engines and components are coded and supervised throughout the assembly process.

•        Controls are very accurate. The company uses only certified materials and it always verifies the dimensions of all the components.

•        Just like in the world of aeronautics, the materials are meticulously tested and the pieces are encoded one by one, which allows to create a time line. This chronology helps to trace back all the steps of the production process and it helps improve every single piece.

•        The final test is performed at 100% on every engine before delivery. Vittorazi Motors makes no compromises on safety and quality. The setup of the engine is extremely thorough.

•        The company relies on a worldwide network of resellers and service centers, whose staff is periodically trained and ready to serve customers in the best way possible.

•        Customers receive periodic informative newsletters, service bulletins, updates, professional handbooks, and the ICP (Illustrated Parts Catalogue).

By choosing to cooperate with professional pilots, Vittorazi has on its side partners who have contributed to the development of its engines under extreme conditions, such as competitions, adventures or acceptance tests, with the goal of an optimized performance. The technologies developed by these experiences have been applied also to the design of the standard production engines, which are intended both for experienced users and beginners. All this, combined with the vast experience gained from Vittorazi, allows to produce a range of engines characterized by great performances, ease of use and management, low fuel consumption, low noise emissions and light weight, safety, reliability, durability, and low maintenance costs, reduced to almost zero.

High performances, simplicity and reliability are our strengths, and this is why Vittorazi engines can satisfy both the needs of the neophyte as those of the best performing professional.

All our products are conceived, designed and built for one goal: to make you enjoy your flight in complete safety.






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