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The History - Vittoriano Orazi

A dynamic, innovative, always ready to renew itself: this is Vittorazi Motors, a company born in 1984 by the genius of its founder Vittoriano Orazi.



Vittoriano, a connoisseur of mechanics and a man of great ability and inventiveness, initially asserted himself in the field of small radio-controlled cars. He founded Vittorazi Racing in the Seventies and collected prestigious trophies: he won the Italian Championship Sport/Prototypes/Radio-controlled cars in 1980 and 1981, in the categories "Absolute/Expert/Pro" and became a European Champion in the category "Track 1 to 8." Many fans of this area still remember with nostalgia the inventions, and the practical, ingenious and successful solutions that Vittoriano brought to the world of radio control.




Valentino_RossiIn 1985, during a race in Japan, he saw for the first time a sort of rudimentary minibike and he was so impressed that he brought back a specimen. It is one of the many demonstrations of his extraordinary ability to anticipate the times, which later determined the high level all the activities in which he was involved. Orazi definitely understood the real potential of minibikes in Europe and he began to build his first model. This is how he created a market that did not exist before: he adapted small racetracks and promoted races on street circuits all over Italy, and he allowed the general public to experience sensations similar to those that only a real motorbike can give. At the end of the Eighties the first Italian Championship acknowledged by Italian Motorcycle Federation took place, and it anticipated the European Championship. Thanks to Vittoriano Orazi, minibikes then became a school for future champions, a springboard that led to motorcycling, among others, Valentino Rossi and Marco Melandri, who began racing exactly with Vittorazi Racing Team minibikes.






Therefore the paternity of this new discipline goes to Vittoriano Orazi, who also developed its regulations. Besides, he designed numerous technical solutions which inspired other production houses that are protagonist today on the market. But his audacity continued to let him explore different paths. In 1995, for example, while attending some competitions, he grew an interest in motorized paragliders. Vittoriano had no experience in this field, but he managed to build highly evolved engine models in no time.








Similarly to radio-controlled cars and minibikes, also paramotors require the ability to replicate in a small size what works on a larger scale, through the creation of light components. Thanks to his qualities, Vittoriano was able to immediately impose himself in international competitions with his paramotor. In 1996 he finished his first paramotor, with which he achievied his first accomplishments in both the French and the European league. In 1997 he ranked third in the first edition of the Word Air Games in Turkey, where he personally tested the effectiveness of his creations and tried to improve their quality. Two years later he finally won the prestigious world title, an outcome that has never been equaled by any other Italian. Vittorazi paramotors enjoy high regard in the world of flight, because they are lightweight, reliable, and powerful. Besides, they are easy to use and they work with low fuel consumption: these are the characteristics of the Vittorazi engines.








Vittoriano Orazi was a precursor, a creative promoter, and a man with such passion and extraordinary technical skills that many of his solutions continue to be at the forefront today. After a few years, close to the new millennium, the change of the baton naturally occurred in favor of his sons Matteo and Andrea Orazi, who have been leading the Vittorazi Motors company forward, following the values embodied by their father: they hav been creating high quality products, optimizing performances, and they have constantly worked on innovation, thus becoming a reference point in the field of paramotors at an international level.




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