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Moster 185 Factory



The creative energy of Vittorazi Motors, combined with the passion and professional commitment have led to the birth of the Moster 185 Factory, the top of the range, destined to become the new extreme point of reference of the engines for the flight.
Distinctive design, racing look, for a model that strengthens the quality and reliability of the already known Moster185.
It is the perfect model for those who require, at the same time, a lightweight and gritty engine, faithful to best Vittorazi tradition, together with an exciting engine to use both in competitions and in pleasure flights.
For this new version, it has been studied a new engine case in aluminum 7075, machined from solid, whose mass has been reduced by 10% improving, at the same time, the heat exchange capacity and the endurance.


In addition to the engine case, the new Moster 185 Factory cylinder, offers a further increase of the heat exchange along with an improvement in performance, resulting from advanced studies on fluid dynamics. Also in this case the mass is decreased by 10% as well as have decreased the acoustic emissions. Both components have been the subject of a restyling that have made them, moreover, very appealing from an aesthetic point of view.

Every detail, even the smallest, is the result of innovative engineering solutions. Airbox in carbon fiber, new ignition "Selettra", titanium screws, iridium spark plug, for a seemingly impossible goal to achieve but brilliantly centered: the incredible weight of only 12.5kg for a displacement of 185cc.


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