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A year full of events and competitions, to be lived together. Discover the calendar here and mark the appointments of the season, not to miss anyone!


Finnaly it has arrived! Our new Moster 185 MY '19 Handy box it's a small supply of spare parts to use for ordinary or extraordinary maintenance of the engine, thanks to a ready-to-use kit that allows you to intervene for the small necessities.


A unique Festival, combining various events from flight and entertainment to concerts and shows, together with other typical festival activities: Parafest, where Vittorazi will participate together with our partner Parajet.


It is one of the largest airshows in the world, as well as the most important global event for aviation enthusiasts: it is the EAA AirVenture, held every year in the town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


A chat with one of America’s most renowned paramotor pilots, who has chosen Vittorazi products for his endeavours, and who was given a special, custom-made engine emblazoned with the colours and graphics of Old Glory.


Matt Minyard is one of the pilots who competed in the French National Championship with our Moster 185, winning the Open Class. He has lived many adventures in many different countries using the Moster, trusting on an engine of maximum reliability


Vittorazi is taking part at one of the most important competitions of the international paramotoristic sports season: the French National Championship, held for a week in Blois.


A numerous, enthusiastic, and continuously expanding group: this was the American Vittorazi community, including professional pilots and amateurs alike, on hand at Endless Footdrag, held in Fredonia, Kansas, this past 25 and 26 May.


Two days rich in high-level technical dialogue: Endless Footdrag, the training event promoted by Vittorazi
for North American dealers, was held in Kansas, in the city of Fredonia, this past 25 and 26 May.


Gao Team, competing with Vittorazi motors, secured an excellent placement in the general rankings of the National Paramotor Competition in Hebei.


ATOM80, is the smallest particle of the element, with extraordinary lightness and energy. The new engine is much lighter than previous models, yet ensures...


Our dealers’ course will be held on May 25th and 26th, in conjunction with the event "Endless Foot Drag fly-in" in Kansas (USA), with the aim of...

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