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Vittorazi at the Endless Foot Drag 2019
Data pubblicazione : 14/05/2019
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The 2nd Maintenance Masterclass in Kansas will be held during the Endless Foot Drag in Fredonia from May 23rd to 24th. On Saturday 25th there will also be a free basic technical course for pilots and a free check on the engines.

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Two technical training sessions based on different levels of learning: it's the second edition of the free Vittorazi Maintenance Masterclass to be held in Fredonia, Kansas, from May 23rd to 24th.


The event will be held during the Endless Foot Drag 2019, and it involves all American Vittorazi dealers.


The 1st level course is reserved for dealers who didn't take part last year in our 1st basic technical course. The 2nd level course is reserved for those who have already participated in the 1st level course and can take advanced technical training.


As done last year, we will also offer a free check on the engines for all the pilots on Saturday 25th in our stand, from 9am to 6pm. In addition, from 1pm to 3pm, a free basic technical course for all pilots will be held in the Hangar.


As usual, Vittorazi is interested in offering a very good level of preparation to all its dealers, so that the technical assistance service to the end customer could always be excellent. We also care about the pilots, so that they know how to properly maintain the engine and fly safely.


We are waiting for you in Fredonia!


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