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Data pubblicazione : 11/05/2019
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The Maintenance Masterclass was an opportunity for Vittorazi to offer to Brazilian technicians a high-level technical training session.

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40 Brazilian technicians took part in our Maintenance Masterclass and received the attendance Certificate, which qualifies them as Vittorazi Certified Technicians: an important presence in the area for Vittorazi, who offered again an excellent technical training service directly on foreign country, meeting his own collaborators.


The technicians followed the Masterclass, completely free, on May 3/4 and had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the maintenance of Moster 185 and Atom 80. A proper engine maintenance, indeed, in Brazil, is extremely important, because of the particular weather conditions of the country. The participants attended also the final check on the paramotors. 


At the end of the course, all the people were extremely satisfied. This was a very important experience also for Vittorazi, who returned home with a great human and professional background. The Maintenance Masterclass in Brazil will surely be proposed again in the future, thanks to the excellent feedback received.


Here the complete list of all the technicians who took part in the Maintenance Masterclass and who received the Certificate:


Tiago Dalbosco

Rafael Pinz

Reinaldo Nenê Sanches

Jose de Oliveira Fontão

Alex Sandro Peixoto de Farias

Aélcio Barbosa Silva

Adriano Rezende Amaral

Waldir Silva Esteves

Luiz Antônio de Oliveira Maywitz

Andre Cordeiro

Carlos Henrique Guimarães

Sidinei Ghizzo

Américo José Fernades

Silvano Arruda Ramos

Alexandre Sacchi

Alexandre Barbosa

William Batista Coelho

Eduardo Buono Saiki

Marcelo Kallemback

Emerson Max de Almeida

Oscar Lahr Junior

Renan Bezerra dos Santos

Fabio Da Silva

Márcio Christian Paganatto

Amarildo Marcari

Gabriel Bonetti

Henrique José Toledo

Marcelo Martins

Fabio José de Melo

Roberto Gerolamo - Betao

Sergio Morais 

Walmir Lima

Carlos André Cordeiro da Silva 

Sandro Garcia

Ismael Mari

Krok Marcos Gastòn 

Abelardo Wilhelm

Marcelo Ortiz

Gustavo Esponda


Luiz Carlos Pinheiro


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