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Presentation of the new engines for 2020
Data pubblicazione : 19/09/2019
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During the Vittorazi Day, the two new engines of 2020 were presented: the Cosmos 300 and the Moster 185 Factory R.

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One of the most successful and important moments of the Vittorazi Day was the presentation of the new engines for 2020, the Cosmos 300 and the Moster 185 Factory R.

Great waiting before the moment of unveiling, then the explosion of enthusiasm at the sight of the two new Vittorazi jewels. Vittorazi technicians introduced the main characteristics of the engines, explaining their uses and applications, then the words of the testers and pilots who have tried the engines on several occasions.


Immediately after the presentation, the test of the two new engines: on the trike, which was equipped with the Cosmos 300 engine, the pilot Pasquale Biondo with an exceptional passenger: Elda Orazi, mother of Matteo and Andrea, the current owners of the Vittorazi Motors, symbolically chosen for the inaugural flight of the Cosmos 300.


With the Factory R, however, one of the Italian pilots veterans of the team Vittorazi, Sandro Passeri. Two spectacular flights, expected by the public, which have excited and amazed everyone.


Pasquale Biondo, on the other hand, commented on his flight on the Cosmos 300 as follows: "The impression is excellent, there are very few vibrations and this guarantees great comfort. The progression is also excellent, especially when flying close to the ground: this means ease of flying operations, then the temperatures could remain stable and the engine has a considerable thrust. A really excellent product!".


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