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Data pubblicazione : 08/10/2019
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Vittorazi dominated the Italian Paramotor Championship 2019 held in Jesi from 2nd to 6th October, winning the 14th consecutive Italian title.

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Vittorazi won the Italian PPG Championship 2019, held in Jesi from 2nd to 6th October, conquering the 14th consecutive Italian title. 

The team's pilots is growing, thanks to the project of the Academy that continues its development.


Pasquale Biondo was in the 1st place, Sandro Passeri in the 2nd and Claudio Villi in the 3rd. Moreover, compared to previous years, only Vittorazi engines took part in the competition.


Here is our interview with Pasquale Biondo and Sandro Passeri.





How did the championship go, Pasquale?

The weather conditions right away weren't very favorable and for me the championship was difficult from the very beginning, due to small errors in the precision tests, then I recovered.


I had a battle with Sandro during all the time and until Saturday night, basically, we played the first and second place for very few points. I won the championship right in the end, thanks to the result obtained in the last round. 


This year only Vittorazi engines have competed and the group of pilots is growing. How do you think about it?


This has happened because over the years the pilots have realized that the Vittorazi engines are very good, and so over time they have chosen to compete with these. They are suitable both for everyday flights and for competitions, through adequate preparation.

So, today the engines level is equal and to make the difference is the pilot. The new pilots has the incentive to get involved fully, trying to compete better with the more experienced ones.


The technical team is also in the field for continuous assistance and the engines are all prepared in the same way for the competitions. Watching technicians at work helps pilots a lot to understand how to optimize their engine.





How did your engine behave, Sandro?

Always great, and I can set it as I want. It's perfect and I can choose the carburetors I want, given the versatility of the system I use. It is also simple to manage and I do it independently, always obtaining excellent feedback.


Next year there will be the Championship in Brazil. How do you feel and how is your preparation going for this event?

When it comes to the possibility of going abroad, I'm very fascinated by the chance to compete with pilots from other countries. I am mentally preparing myself already today for this great event and the importance of the challenge stimulates me to work more and better and better. Moreover now, being retired, I can certainly prepare myself better and I have no more excuses of time!

Today the results of the Italian Championship are giving some indications about the future.

Yes, the ranking is very short and the level of the various pilots is going up. Some started last year to compete and this year they are already at a good level, also thanks to the Academy project, and this can be seen from the results. Congratulations, therefore, to all the rookies!


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