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Data pubblicazione : 25/02/2020
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There are some keywords that mark the whole history of the development of the Moster 185 MY '20 project. The first is definitely the word 'Research'. Find out more here!

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Research is the heart of Vittorazi's work. On each engine is carried out a great and accurate work, from the preventive study of the projects to the realization of the prototypes, up to the introduction on the market of the approved models after long test sessions in the company.


The research work on the Moster 185 has been going on for over 10 years. It is the most important engine, on which numerous improvements and updates have been made. In the case of the MY '20, the work lasted for months, and focused in particular on the exhaust.


On this part, accurate tests have been done using a large number of prototypes. Endurance tests were carried out for over 150 hours and extreme tests to prove its reliability even under unusual conditions. Among the tests carried out, those of unbalanced propeller, wrong carburetor setting, mechanical and thermal shocks.


All the extreme tests, carried out exclusively by professionals in a controlled area and not to be repeated, have given excellent results. The engine, subjected to these tests for a long time, remained completely intact and no components showed problems or defects of any kind.


Extreme tests - types and results



The propeller is one of the fundamental components of the paramotor system. If the propeller is not perfectly balanced, it causes irregular vibrations to the engine, putting it at risk. The Moster 185 MY '20 has been subjected to this type of test several times, without suffering any damage. It is recommended to always use a propeller certified by Vittorazi, which has passed all internal tests for approval, and not to fly with damaged propellers, because it is dangerous both for the engine and the pilot. A damaged propeller is unbalanced and at high speed creates an incalculable amount of vibrations, which are extremely dangerous.

Even more so, breaking a propeller is a huge blow to the whole engine, not just the exhaust, because it has to work at any moment with a broken and completely unbalanced propeller.



In the same way, a wrong carburation, with the presence of too much gasoline, leads to an irregular combustion. It creates jolts and vibrations, which can give the exhaust significant stress.



Mechanical shock is another important risk factor. Currently the exhaust, thanks to the presence of a second joint, is free from the engine. The manifold can move more freely, and even if hit by a blow that moves it from its regular position, it is able to return to it easily, without the entire exhaust body being damaged.



Another possible cause of exhaust problems is the thermal shock of the sheet metal: remember to warm up the engine before flying, because the cold-hot excursion can generate heavy repercussions on the sheet metal.

In the extreme tests phase, the Moster 185 MY '20 was subjected to important and continuous thermal shocks, even in the opposite condition (hot-cold passage) without the exhaust showing any problems.


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