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Data pubblicazione : 13/03/2020
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The second keyword about the work on the Moster 185 MY '20 is 'Reliability'.

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For the Moster 185 MY '20 we have done a lot of tests on various prototypes. The intent was to come up with a product of maximum reliability and resistance.


The main change is the addition of a second joint on the exhaust, so we have completed a specific study of the profiles.


In-depth research has also been carried out to find the correct positioning.


The wrong positioning would have limited the movements of the collector and put it under tension. This would have led to the risk of suffering excessive vibrations to this part, in addition to its blockage.


Thanks to the correct positioning found, the movements of the manifold of the Moster 185 MY '20 are fluid and correct long-term operation is guaranteed.


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