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Data pubblicazione : 24/04/2020
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For the new Moster 185 MY '20 it was essential to update the bush, completely redesigned and made with new materials. 

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Another important work was done on the bush, a system of our invention in the field of paramotor engines.


First of all, the change of material: various materials were tested before reaching the choice of the current one, different from the previous one. Today, thanks to the new material chosen, the bush has greater resistance to wear, as well as corrosion, and a replacement is required every 50 hours.


To guarantee the longer life of the bush, a different contact surface has been used, in addition to the different material used.


Better sliding is guaranteed by the combination of two factors: the different profile of the bush and the presence of more discharged springs. The reduction in the load of the four springs allows for freer, smoother movements of the exhaust and, consequently, less stress on the manifold, which thus becomes safer and less subject to breakage risks.


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