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What's cooking over there?

Come to unveil it during the Coupe Icare - L'Officielle at Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet on September 22st, stand 15/22, ROGALLO pavilion.

For all of our Facebook followers, we will...


Vittorazi Motors’ attitude is to always test its products beyond their regular limits. Each couple of months, a standard engine is picked up from our regular production and it is tested beyond its standard limits for 5 hours between 6000 and 8700 RPM without being stopped at all. Even though the ambient temperature was very harsh, the results were still brilliants as shown below...


Two years have already passed since the Moster185 Factory was released. Its arrival was astonishing and it has represented so far the best result of innovative engineering solutions. Made in lightweight and durable materials such as aluminium ergal, titanium and carbon the Moster185 Factory has been able to achieve a seemingly impossible goal with the incredible weight for a displacement of 185cc.

Many results analysed so far have proven that Moster185 Factory has been the engine mostly appreciate across the globe so that Vittorazi Motors has recently decided to implement also...

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