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Our careful selection of propellers enables us to offer a wide range of combinations with our engines.
Using propellers approved by Vittorazi, will ensure proper operation of the motor in any flight condition.
Thanks to our continuous studies to the test bench and our flight experience, propellers certified by Vittorazi can provide:

- The absence of vibration and stability over time
- The best  engine performance with regard to the thrust and the consumption
- A low noise relative to the diameter of the propeller and reduction
- The best cooling of parts.

The use of propellers that are not certified, or certified propellers that have the wrong reduction ratio makes immediately void the warranty.


Below you will find the propellers approved Vittorazi Motors:

- PROPELLERS for MOSTER 185 and MOSTER 185 plus

- PROPELLERS for FLY 100 EVO and FLY 100 EVO 2

- PROPELLERS for EASY 100 and EASY 100 plus


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