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ATOM80, is the smallest particle of the element, with extraordinary lightness and energy. The new engine is much lighter than previous models, yet ensures...


Our dealers’ course will be held on May 25th and 26th, in conjunction with the event "Endless Foot Drag fly-in" in Kansas (USA), with the aim of...


30th April - 6th May. Bangkok, Thailand. World Paramotor Championships 2018.
Vittorazi takes the field with his pilots to...


What's cooking over there?

Come to unveil it during the Coupe Icare - L'Officielle at Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet on September 22st, stand 15/22, ROGALLO pavilion.

For all of our Facebook followers, we will...


Vittorazi Motors’ attitude is to always test its products beyond their regular limits. Each couple of months, a standard engine is picked up from our regular production and it is tested beyond its standard limits for 5 hours between 6000 and...


Two years have already passed since the Moster185 Factory was released. Its arrival was astonishing and it has represented so far the best result of innovative engineering solutions. Made in lightweight and durable materials such...


Successfully introduced during the latest “Coupe Icare” in September 2016, Vittorazi Motors is very proud to announce the launch of the new Electric Starter andthe Dual Starter (Pull&Electric)for the Moster185 Plus and Moster185 Silent...


On the 23rd, 24th and 25th of June, Vittorazi Motors will attend the Mondial Air Paramoteur (MAP) at the aerodrome of Blois-Le Breuil. Vittorazi Motors would like to invite all of you at this spectacular event which will take place in one of the most...


It is among the suggestive hills of Benevento in the aeroclub “Nicola Collarile” that the Italian Paramotor Championship 2017 has ended. In the same plain in which many historical battles have been fought for so long in the past,...


“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection” – Kim Collins


We believe that Collins’ quotation reflects a lot of the innate Vittorazi Motors’ attitude aiming to meet the growing customers’ expectations in...


The world championship in Popham Airfield - UK has just finished and we came back with a world title. Gold medal in the category PF2 (tandem foot launch) thanks to the excellent performance of the trio Christelle-Fabrice...



Vittorazi motors have made their paramotors 20-year experience and competence available to their customers through a series of tutorial videos of engines ordinary maintenance.


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